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snortler stand-up Comedy

Open Mic Season


- Tauranga 2019 -


Have you always watched stand-up and thought, 'I could do that'? Do your mates tell you that you're hilarious? Do you think of jokes in the shower and deliver them to an imaginary audience giving standing ovations?

Well, this is your chance to test your comedy chops for real! Whether you're looking to make a career out of comedy, or just wanting to step outside of your comfort zone and give yourself a ridiculously fun challenge, this is for you!

The Bay's biggest stand-up comedy open mic season is on its way! We want to help our emerging local talent develop and grow the comedy scene here in the BOP. So join us - both performers and audiences - for the start of something hysterically special.

What's involved?

This is a fully produced comedy workshop season. This means that you will collaborate with comedy producers that work in the industry to develop your craft through workshopping, rehearsal, development and performance. The season is 10 weeks long, which encompasses 5 performance dates mixed with one-on-one development sessions, workshop spaces and your own practice.

Registrations are open to anyone aged 18 or over. It is free to register (ka-ching!) but spaces are strictly limited, so get in quick!


We are looking for performers who really want to do this. There is a 10 week commitment, so you're going to have to throw yourself into it and give it everything you've got. No matter what your goal is or reason for doing it, you've got to be willing to do your absolute best and give it a damn good go. No dickheads please. Thank you.

When is it?

Registrations will be re-opening for our second intake in late May.

Review of registrations are taking place, with an interview process beginning in late May 2019. Participants will then be selected.

The season will begin in June, with the first workshops and performances taking place.

The entire season will run through till August 2019. (One to two nights a week commitment is required during June/July.)

How do I register?

What are you waiting for? Sign up below and push yourself to do something different. Who knows, you could be our next ​comedy superstar! So put your hand up to be a stand up! Sign up below you bloody dare devil you.

Snortler 2019 Registration Form
Select as many different comedy styles you think would be your style of performance:

Thanks for registering! We will be in touch soon!

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